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What did I use this for again?!! [Jul. 13th, 2011|09:08 pm]
Oh yeah! Writing and shit. If and when I get the itch to make up some characters and place them in interesting scenarios again I will create away. Now though I'm just concentrating on not missing this plane home. Kinda harder now that I'm being distracted by this new acquisition of mine: The Droid X2.

Finally I catch up with technology, sorta, (need a car that I can pair with my phone and my I-pod touch) and for a month and a half now I have yet to put this thing down. Plus, the discovery and overwhelming addiction to "checking in," has not only made me easily trackable by the police if I'm ever I become a criminal, but also that guy who holds up the line for a burger or a coffee cuz he's nose deep in Foursquare and/or Yelp.

Oh well ey. Here's to being a kid with a new toy.

Perhaps now that I have instant access to the interwebs, I can put my ideas out there quicker and not have to wait until I get home then forget them. Let's hope that happens.