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Dammit!! Why don't I see these things until after the fact?!! [Feb. 22nd, 2011|09:19 pm]
This doesn't have anything to do with the subject but I just had to say it: My dad's on Facebook now. Just added him yesterday. That's fucking awkward. Of course, I can't say nuthin cuz I said I'd hook him up when I get back home. But I guess my brothers, or nephews, or somebody back home finally tuned him in. Hell if he gets savvy enough, and he will cuz he's got nothing but time, he'll be able to read this, amongst other things I've failed to mention to him but are posted all over the inter-webs. Oh well ey!

Anyway, you ever have those moments where you're put in a situation where you thought, this is out of the blue? Then you found out this may have been intentionally done to give you an "in" to something you want . . . after it's all said and done? Yeah that just happened. I'm an idiot.

I could just spell it out since it's only you three readers, but I'm a bit paranoid now. I figure it's only Jon Anonymous, Pistol Crystal and Amooliah Mooliah that read this because it's them/you that respond, but like you said man, just because they don't respond, doesn't mean they don't read. And as remote a possibility as it may be, potential readers are close to this particular situation. So I'll disguise it into a not-so-disguised story, haha!

So this guy Loren, has a bit of a thing for Amy (yeah you Moo =P ), and at first just chocked it up to mild infatuation due to the fact that he's been stuck in the building for, hmmm, 3-6 months without contact from the outside world. She's cute, but that could just be cabin fever, so he keeps it on the down low. They used to work upstairs, but he got moved downstairs. Cool, he'll never see her again. Then he finds out she'll moving downstairs in the same office in a week. Holy shit! Now what? He decides to play it cool. And what's the harm with flirting a little. Everybody does it. So he does it. But he's been taught to flirt differently. And he believes he's done it enough to where he gets a little more attention than normal. She's not all over him per se, but it's enough to make him wonder. Truth be told, she has a boyfriend, but that's never stopped him. But here it's hindering him a bit. You see, this office has pretty strict rules about that kind of stuff, and there are wandering eyes everywhere. So, he suppresses himself and keeps it at that. Then one day, one of Amy's friends Sammi asks Loren to accompany her to do some errands. It's not uncommon for her to do that but it is uncommon that she ask him. Perhaps because this was just out of the blue. There were six other people in that office and there were two who she usually went to. But today it was Loren. Ok, whatever. Along their travels she mentions how nice Amy has been to her. At the time, he responded in kind, because she was. She was nice. In fact a big factor that showed how nice she was was that she noticed what people liked: one's favorite TV show, one's favorite kind of music. For Loren, it was his favorite soda. It was little things like that that made him unable to put her out of his mind. Sammi mentioned this about three times, and Loren nodded and responded dryly. After they got back to their office, it hit him. "Wait, was that my in?" And now all he can do is wonder and kick himself in the ass for not seeing it then, and not after the fact.

I hope this was catharsis enough to just let this whole sordid thought process go. For all I know, it could be all in my head. Most of my troubles are all in my head and as long as I keep telling myself that I'll be alright . . . that and hitting the gym so hard that all these feelings and shit get drowned by endorphins. It's been working well so far. And there's that. As for the next part of my story, it'll have to wait. Like the main character, I just did the look and look away. I'm stupid! I'm so, so stupid!

From: (Anonymous)
2011-03-02 11:54 am (UTC)
no, that's perfect. PERFECT. you didn't seem affected. don't let her get the upper hand by knowing how you feel. seriously. it sounds bad... but you're still a mystery, and IF she really wants it, being that mystery will make you want her more. the fact that you responded dryly and with nonchalance means you're used to shit like this and you remain the guy who they can't figure out.


when you have an IN... don't rely on it to come to you. that may have came to you easily, but that type of IN you described is still hazy and unpredictable at best. what's more predictable? well obviously the times when girls straight tell you how they want to jump your bones like some of the girls that have wanted to jump your bones told you... BUT, the more subtle indicators of interests should come from her directly to you, not from a middle man. fuck a middle man when trying to read attraction... middle men are good for disqualifying you, for showing you're preselected and basically showing you're a man with value... BUT, when you want to read IOI's... get it from her. make it happen yourself. don't wait for INs to happen basically... create them.

your anonymous pal,
0.5 of Pluto the 9th
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From: (Anonymous)
2011-03-02 11:55 am (UTC)


i meant LOREN didn't seem affected and you should probably relay the message i wrote above to him. hahahaha
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From: freeadspace
2011-03-02 04:30 pm (UTC)

Re: oops

Yeah I'll make sure LOREN gets the message. Dick! Haha!

This shit's dumb, but I see your point. Besides, ol' Loren's already got a good amount of IOI's. However, there's so many barriers involved so that's probably gonna be as far as it goes. We'll talk more when I get actually get a hold of you.

By the way, there's talks of me coming home earlier than planned. Nothing solid though. I'll keep you posted. Til then PEACCCCE!
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From: (Anonymous)
2011-03-05 03:40 am (UTC)

Re: oops

Yeah man, I keep missing your call mostly because I'm asleep!

SHIT, if you're coming earlier than planned... HELL YEAH!! keep me posted homes.
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