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Creative well still empty. Emo well bubbling. [Feb. 17th, 2011|04:52 pm]
But, as always, both wells are covered by my sunny disposition and my space cadet demeanor.

Time, time, time. Time is moving quicker for me now except when I'm not working or working out. Those are times when I struggle to occupy that dead time. Ideally, that's when I should cultivate my creative fruits, but at a place like this it's difficult to find the fertilizer of inspiration that I need. I sure do love those bursts though. I'd be walking through a desert of drudgery and malaise and KABLAMO! An oasis of energy hits my core and sends waves of activity all over my body and throttles me to start thinking, start creating, and start writing. But once the pool is dried up, the trees are bare and all the wild game have been hunted, dressed and eaten, it's back to that sad and slow trek through the barren wastes. So, what else can I do with my time?

Reading has always been a viable option. Yes, there is the Tales of Beedle the Bard. So what if I haven't read the Harry Potter books? It'd be like skipping the main course and going straight to the desert, and I'm perfectly fine with that. Or, I could fine tune my fantasy chops and start a Piers Anthony or David Eddings novel/saga. Lord of the Rings knows (that was gay, I know), I've got some catching up to do. I have yet to read the other half of R.E. Feist's Riftwar Saga and Serpentwar Saga books, and it's been a while since I read the first half. Then, I could always force myself to delve into other genres.

Ok, before I continue, I just have an issue with my statement of "fine tuning my fantasy chops." First of all, I have to have fantasy chops to fine tune them. Granted, that has incorporated the majority of my meager works but, my works have been meager at best. So by that logic, delving to other genres before mastering this one would be like me trying my hand at a Desert Eagle .50 or a Magnum .357 before easily shooting a Coke can at 50 yards with a 9mm. It'd be like trying to sport a Kawasaki ninja or Ducati 988 before riding a Yamaha Zuma without laying it down and skidding half my body half a mile up the road. Hold on! Guns and motorcycles? That's not me. It'd be like trying to level up my ret pally or my frost mage before leveling my fury warrior to 80 and getting him at least the tier 9 set (yeah, yeah, expansion, shmexpansion, this is where I left off). All pretend machismo and closet nerdery aside, I'm sticking to content that I know and love before trying to branch out.

However, I just noticed one thing. The content I know and love and the style I see myself writing lately are at odds. I've determined so far that my narrative mode is as a stream of consciousness writer. I like writing as I am, as evidenced by my many LJ entries, or writing in the perspective of my protagonist and what he, or she is thinking as events transpire around him or her.

Side note: If I'm ever able to get into the mind of a she, I might just go pua. Just kidding, haha!!

Also, because I consciously deal with my generation's issue of a male's difficulty to transition from a thrill-seeking, angsty and directionless boy to a stable, mature and responsible man, it comes out in my writing. That is the hitting the proverbial nail on the head.

If I can somehow channel that miniscule force into the world building and epic storytelling involved in fantasy? Shiiieeet!! Hell if I can do that with Beedle the Bar type storytelling I'd be happy. But first, I'd have to read the damn book.

I've written more than enough. And I gotta pee. Guess the emo well wasn't as bubbling as I thought. To be continued.

[User Picture]From: sweetycheekios
2011-04-03 02:13 pm (UTC)
I'm way behind on your entries so just catching up from my hotel room in Boracay. Not sure where you stand with figuring out your fantasy writing, or any writing, but when Jonathan and I went to his PSA screening at SIPA a few weeks ago, we met a guy who runs this creative writing community and he even publishes some people. If Jonathan hasn't already told you about this then ask him. I think the guy said people are all over the world so this could be perfect for you.
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