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Hang on. I have my ideas. I just have some putting together to do. - How about that, I finally put something here [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hang on. I have my ideas. I just have some putting together to do. [Feb. 11th, 2011|01:49 pm]
So yeah, right now I'm copying and pasting all the entries I put on writing.com into my thumb drive. I came up with this crazy idea for my next piece. The plan is to use all the depressing entries I came up with, make them into characters, and put them into a bar/restaurant setting, like Billy Joel's "Piano Man" along with the movie "Waiting" in short story form. Will it work? Who knows? In the meantime, here's something I pulled up from my files that I quite enjoyed.

The Choices I Make

Once again I stare at Fate dead in her cruel, beguiling eyes. Most of the time I flinch, and as I close my eyes I hear her laugh as she plunges her hand straight through my heart, and squeezes until I am at the utmost heights of pain and utter brink of death. Then she lets go, jerking as fast as she thrust, watching as I fall to the floor in agony, smiling. Other times she blinks, but before I pounce at her she bursts into a mist, cackling as a breeze carries her away, once again taking away my victory. Today it is different. I see her irises dilate wider and darker. I can hear her heartbeat grow faster and louder. I can feel her body rouse and tremble. Before her eyelids drop I make one swift move, and wrap my arm around her waist. She cannot escape. Her smile fades from her lips. I now have the power to do the same as she did to me. I could crush her heart like she did mine all those times. I could laugh as I bring her down to her knees. I could ravish her as I pleased.

But instead I let her go. I look at her confused face one last time as she bursts into a mist, silent as the breeze carries her away.